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Семейный портрет

Value of family photographing

The family is an invaluable gift which needs to be protected. The family teaches children of sincerity, responsibility, to sympathy and still many simple, but such important things. That love which the little person gets in family serves as the base of his happiness. And maturing on this base, he with the same love will build the relationship with people.
Sometimes we don’t notice how children quickly grow up, and even more often we revive the moments when they were absolutely little in memory to enjoy a little more this wonderful time.
With huge pleasure we wait for you on a family and children’s photoshoot. We with pleasure will present you excellent mood, and of course, the qualitative, filled with your love and tenderness pictures which will warm your hearts and will make memoirs even more brightly.

Pregnancy photographing

There is nobody more perfectly than the pregnant woman. She radiates internal light which shrouds surrounding with hardly noticeable veil of tranquility. Her eyes sparkle happiness, love and infinite tenderness to the child. During this period the woman is harmonious, she is beautiful in every respect. We are glad to offer you a photoshoot “Waiting for a miracle” which will reflect all your external, and, above all internal beauty during pregnancy. We are sure that checking these pictures many years later, you will remember one of the most important points of life with warmth and awe.

Love Story

Love Story photoshoot

Did you see eyes of the people loving each other? They are full of tenderness and passions, warmth and happiness, joy and alarm, and they shine, shine from endless, sincere and comprehensive love. To watch inexpressible pleasure lovers. If you love and are loved we invite you to a photoshoot of “Love Story”. It is an excellent opportunity to tell and imprint your unique, unique and real history. We are glad to help to realize your ideas.

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Each our client anyway will receive:

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